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Success Stories The Nevada Women's Business Center is committed to being your partner in success. Whether it is help with your business plan, assistance in funding, developing your leadership skills or just being a sounding board, we are here for you. We love nothing more than seeing our clients succeed and grow and are always happy when we can share a client's story and help them get the word out about their business.


Amber Burkhart Amber has always enjoyed dressing in threads from the past, often donning 1950s-era clothing in high school. “I’d wear vintage hats and big poodle skirts and all my friends were like, ‘Something is wrong with her.’ But I always loved it, and that era,” she says. With the help and support of the Nevada Women’s Business Center, Amber was able to transform her passion for vintage fashion into Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet, the go-to destination for vintage clothing and accessories in Las Vegas. Although the store features clothes from a numberof different eras, Amber is steering the bulk of her wares to the rockabilly genre, a look popularized in the 1950s—think sultry Bettie Page and defiant James Dean. In the near future, she plans to release her own rockabilly-inspired clothing line for men and women, including wedding dresses and crinolines, the fluffy underpinnings that give the period skirts their oomph. Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet also offers consignment services, a pin-up photography studio and a host of vintage life-style events. “I want to have beauty class- es, hair classes, pinup classes, burlesque classes,” she says. “I’ll be reaching out to the community for people who are professionals in those areas who’d like to come volunteer their time, or charge for a course, to be able to do it.” For Amber, the store is the culmination of a nine-year dream funded through her work as an interior designer and a public notary and aided by the Nevada Women’s Business Center. Her foray into selling vintage items started with outfitting close friends and selling from a spare bedroom in her home–a process that spurred her to find a storefront location.
Amber says she explored potential spaces on Las Vegas Boulevard, but nothing clicked and she feels fortunate to have found her present Main Street location, which she says was one of the last shopfronts available in the area. The Nevada Women’s Business Center is proud to be a part of turning Amber’s dream into a real business.

Amberjoy's Vintage Closet

1225 S. Main Street

Las Vegas, NV 89134

(702) 825-2020

Jason Corbett Boards of Design was born out of the idea that not all wood walls are created equal. Gone are the days of linear paneling with linear thinking and instead, the concept of unique, creative and an outside of the box ambition that only Boards of Design can provide. Specializing in the use of reclaimed and recycled materials, they source the globe to find truly distinctive types of wood with character and unrivaled beauty. Believing that woodworking is truly a lost art, Boards of Design employ craftsmen that see each panel as a canvas and an opportunity to create a masterpiece. they have set designs as well as custom, made-to-order projects, if you can think it, they can create it. Some people are into sports, some people are into fashion, Boards of Design are into wood walls. Founder Jason Corbette says, “They whisper to us, they speak to us, they scream to be let out into the world of design. We believe there’s no better statement than that of a wall covered in such texture, warmth and eye popping capability that only a Boards of Design wall panel can provide. With each wall comes a story of the wood’s journey, from conception to maturity to expiration and finally rebirth on your wall.” Hand crafted and made in the USA, Boards of De- sign hopes to be the source for truly innovative and breath-taking wall design.

Boards of Design

3170 Polaris Ave #45

Las Vegas,

NV 89102

Matthew Byron Inspired to create a future for his son, Matthew started Blue Tree Enterprises in April of 2012. “I wanted Independence.” Matthew explains before continuing “I wanted to be able to provide a means for us to be successful and financially stable on our own.” Blue Tree Enterprises is unique in that they are the only company in the greater Las Vegas area that builds one of a kind games and novelty items for the hospitality industry. Matthew elaborates “The fact that we are a construction based artisan/ fabrication company with an in house architect gives us the ability to provide much more precise shop drawings and construction grade design and engineering.” When asked what advice he would give an existing or aspiring small business owner, He quickly says “I would tell an aspiring business owner to ask for help. There are many places and people that really want to see you succeed. Ask the SBA. Ask your banker. Ask other business owners in your industry. I would also offer a second piece of advice: DON’T GIVE UP. You will have failures. Keep going. It is how you overcome the failures and challenges that define success.” Like every business owner, Matthew has also faced and overcome challenges. “Our greatest challenge was recovering from not getting paid on a $60,000.00 invoice. We took legal action and only got $14,000.00 of the money owed. It took a full year to recover from that. In hind sight it was the best thing to ever happen to the company. It forced me to pay more attention to the ‘fine print ‘. I now read every word on every contract. It forced me to cut out all of the waste and be much more focused on the bottom line.” Getting funding for his business was also a challenge. “We approached a traditional lender and because we were so new and because of my past history they were unwilling to lend the company any money or extend us any kind of credit line.” Matthew then goes on to explain “I was referred to NIMI by Irv Kaplan, my SCORE mentor from the Henderson office. NMI has been an integral part of our success. They got us a $10,000 loan when we were not on the large invoice. That money was what kept us afloat until we could generate new revenues. They also provided all kinds of support and insight into how I was doing business and showed me many things I could do to improve, all of which have helped us get to where we are at now.” Matthew also uses his company to give back and help others. “As an ex-convict, I know the challenges other offenders face when trying to get back into the work force. I employ many ex-offenders. I try and give them an opportunity to succeed when others won’t. I have had great success with this and have one of the most loyal group of employees you could want.”

Blue Tree Enterprises

(702) 347-6602

Pamela Humphrey During the 2014 Fashion Week in Las Vegas, Pamela Humphrey launched her company and her ready-to- wear clothing line. Although she always loved fashion, it wasn’t until after the untimely death of her fiancée that Pamela had the epiphany to change the current trajectory of her life and start living her dream. Not only did Pamela start living her dream, but success quickly came knocking. Earlier this year, Pamela participated in New York Fashion Week where her designs were met with great enthusiasm and an invitation to show at a London Fashion Week. In addition to that, she has also signed a contract with Sears to have her line in their stores and available online. Her mantra is “It Takes a Village to Build an Empire,” and reached out to the Nevada Women’s Business Center. “They have been my business mentor, my grow-your-business point person and all-around cheerleader,” says Pamela. The Nevada Women’s Business Center is honored to be involved with such a dynamic and amazing woman.

Chic Geek

(855) 334-4777

Phyllis Johnson “I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and own my own company that provided accounting services for small businesses,” says Phyllis Johnson. That was what drove Phyllis Johnson to eventually leave her corporate job as a Director of Finance & Operations for a small company in Las Vegas and make the exciting and challenging leap into the entrepreneurial world, launching PKJ Consulting - Accounting & Operational Services for small businesses in March 2015. Phyllis continues by saying “My passion is allowing other entrepreneurs to focus on their passion while PKJ Consulting takes care of their back end needs.” Phyllis Johnson believes that her continuing education allows her to learn and grow as a person and also allows her to fully help others entrepreneurs. She holds a B.S in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting and Finance from Pepperdine University, a MBA from UNLV with a focus in Entrepreneurship Management, her Professional in Human Resources Certification, is QuickBooks Online Pro Certified, Microsoft Office Certified, and is currently working on becoming an Enrolled Agent. Phyllis has served in various positions including Assistant Controller & Human Resource Manager and Accounts Receivable Supervisor. She also has extensive experience working in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, gaming, restaurant, real estate, insurance and more. Phyllis is now dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the United States. While her focus is primarily on providing accounting services such as bookkeeping, payroll, budgets, financial statements, taxes, and more Phyllis also draws on her experience in Human Resources and Operations to really help small businesses with the myriad issues they face. From operations and payroll to financial statements, taxes and records clean up, Phyllis’s expertise, determination, and drive add value to everyone she works with. PKJ Consulting also provides individual services such as resume and cover letter writing, job search assistance, business plan writing, and training in QuickBooks and Microsoft Office applications. “The Women’s Business Center opened up doors I didn’t even know existed,” Phyllis explains as she talks about getting her name and brand into the market, her work with other groups, regular classes at the Microsoft store in Las Vegas, her involvement in the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and the Vegas Young Professionals, and upcoming QuickBooks classes at the Nevada Women’s Business Center. The Nevada Women’s Business Center is excited to be a part of Phyllis’ entrepreneurial journey and is looking forward to working with her as she expands her business and becomes one of the “go-to” people helping small businesses.

PKJ Consulting

(702) 420-2408

Al and Kathy Martinez Al and Kathy Martinez both come from construction companies and decided to start MW Construction in 2006. Kathy says their philosophy is simple, “Superior quality work, on time and on budget, with the core values we have instilled in our company.” Kathy goes on to say “We started our business in the midst of one of the worst financial downturns. We feel very strongly that these values are what have helped us through some very difficult economic times.” These days, MW Construction is busy with a 900 suite remodel at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The challenging schedule means they paint 5 different colors and apply all covering to 100 suites per floor, every 5 days. Working with an experienced crew of painters and wall covering people, they have kept to the schedule and delivered superior quality work to their client. Given the size and fast-paced schedule of the project, cash-flow was an issue and with the help of NMI and VEDC, they were able to secure financing in order to ensure the success of the project. Through this project, MW Construction successfully created 130 jobs in Las Vegas. When asked what advice they would give to an existing or aspiring small business, Kathy and Al agree, “Know the limitations of your business abilities. Whatever you do, do it well and above all, conduct yourself with integrity and respect. Your clients will appreciate you for it.”

MW Construction

(702) 400-9308

Ava Mucikyan After receiving her Master’s in Intercultural Communications, Ava hoped to embark on a diplomatic career, but as she says “you can plan all you want, life happens.” After finding success in the banking world, Ava realized that all the perks that came with her career just weren’t making her happy. “I wanted to follow my passion and help people, but unable to move with family and my little one, I decided to find something that helps people and in natural wellness. After many hours of research and thinking, I realized that Salt therapy is a very growing industry. Considering the allergies and respiratory issues that are on the rise in Las Vegas and in my family, and the serious side-effects of medications, we decided to open the first Halotherapy center in Las Vegas – a natural way to relieve respiratory symptoms, on Thanksgiving Weekend, 2014, after 6 months of construction and more months of planning.” When asked about her company’s greatest achievement, Ava says “the greatest achievement is my satisfied customers. What good is a company, no matter how big, how pretty or how famous, if you don't have satisfied customers. We ran a survey not too long ago and 97% of our customers were satisfied with our services and would recommend us to their friends. That to me is the biggest accomplishment!” When looking for assistance, Ava turned to NMI and the Nevada Women’s Business Center and says “I am very thankful for your services and that without your help I would not have been able to accomplish what I have today. We have been featured in nearly 20 newspaper and magazine publications including RJ cover page and Luxury Magazine. We were mentioned along with world class spas such as Aria and Palazzo. We have also been featured on channel 3, and all this to me is surreal, and I definitely owe you for this. You helped create an incredible space that many Las Vegans as well as visitors come to enjoy daily. Thank you for that and for keeping our dream alive!”

The Salt Room

1958 Village Circle, Suite 7

Las Vegas, NV 89143

Ken Martin Ken has spent most of his life in the family business. “I joined the team in 1960 at the age of 8, and worked until 2011 at MDM, holding nearly every responsibility in the company from warehouse worker, janitor, installation helper, service technician, parts department manager, retail store manager, sales person, accountant, marketing team leader, lean manufacturing leader, vice president, president, board member, etc. In 2011, my father Dave Martin was speaking of selling the business and I negotiated with him to purchase the Las Vegas division which was a retail store and garage door contracting firm. Dad sold the factory in 2014 to some investors.” Ken is the only member of his family still in the garage door business. Martin Garage Doors is on a steady growth path. Ken says ”We have added commercial doors, gates, fire doors, hollow metal doors and dock equipment to our product line. We see continued growth, especially in the commercial sector. We are currently the largest door contractor in the Las Vegas area, and expect to strengthen that position.” When asked what sets Martin Garage doors apart from competitors, Ken is very clear, “We focus on Quality, Product Safety, Warranty, Noise Reduction, Security and Better Value, whereas nearly all of our competition are focusing on cheap cost without regard to the six factors we strive for. In general: Our products are truly higher quality, and are built to last longer. Garage doors are responsible for over 10,000 hospital-level injuries each year in the country, and for several deaths. With good cause, we focus heavily on safer products. Most competitors offer a very short warranty period, if any at all. Only Martin offers extended warranties and even lifetime warranties on our products and repairs. Garage doors are known as being annoying, dirty and noisy. We regularly measure noise levels using decibel meters carried on all residential trucks. We offer some of the quietest garage door systems in the world. Since the Great Recession began, Security continues to be a huge factor in Southern Nevada. We offer a variety of more secure products and features. Value is our primary focus. Martin is rarely the cheapest price, but is always the best value.” We also spoke with Ken about the challenges he faced. “Nearly every new business faces intense challenges the first few years. We are no exception. With the commercial side growing more rapidly than the residential side, cash flow has been a challenge. Commercial products are more expensive and inventories cost more. Commercial customers rarely pay cash, whereas residential customers always pay quickly. Here is where the Nevada Microenterprise Institute and the Small Business Administration rose to the occasion for us and offered counseling, business planning assistance, and low-cost financing for our working capital needs. In December, we will have the 4th birthday of owning this business!” And he has some advice for aspiring business owners: “Don’t go it alone! Use the amazing resources of NMI/VEDC and SBA to help guide you along your path especially during the first few years while the challenges are the greatest.”

Martin Garage Doors

(702) 617-1645

Nar Galvez Driven by a love of graphic design and printing, Nar began Design One Printing in 2010. “I enjoy dealing with business owners and companies and coming up with ideas on what works for their printing campaigns. It's awesome to see something materialize from concept to production,” says Nar before continuing, “We are able to offer a very wide variety of products to all of our clients, as we have the ability to do Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Wide Format and Grand Format Printing, through our local and out of state vendors at a reasonable price without compromising quality. We take pride in our customer service and turnaround times which sets us apart from the rest.” Nar considers one of the greatest achievements is the growth of his business. “Design One Printings greatest achievement would be the fact that it has doubled its clients and revenue for 3 years in a row, just as planned!” Asked what challenges he faced, Nar says “Due to the fact that I am such a hands on owner, my greatest challenge has been to learn how to let go and start to delegate the tasks.” Having seen success in his business, Nar has some advice for other small business owners and tells us “There is nothing you can't reach, all it takes is a POSITIVE attitude at all times and know where you want to be. Once those two thing are part of your everyday life, the doors will start to open and opportunities will be coming your way, easier than you thought. Stay Positive and See Your Dreams Come True" TO get funding for his business, Nar contacted NMI while doing an Internet search. “NMI and the Nevada Women’s Business Center has truly helped me in the making of Design One Printing. First and foremost, is the qualification process was pretty easy. Leanna Jenkins was my go-to person and she streamlined the whole process beautifully. They gave me the confidence that no other banking institution could give me at my most challenging time due to a prior bankruptcy. I really do advise anyone to just pick up the phone and call them, it just might make a big difference on how the rest of your day goes.” Design One Printing is a business that truly loves helping other businesses. “Design One has been integral in assisting other local companies in creating a look and feel for their business; through our logo/graphic design, branding and marketing. We take pride in being a part of the success of other local companies!” And we take pride in helping wonderful companies like Design One Printing on their road to success.

Design One Printing

3481 E. Sunset Road. Suite 107

Las Vegas, NV 89120

(702) 530-6277

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